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Technical Report USC-SIPI-411

“fsQCA: Dialog Between Jerry M. Mendel and Charles C. Ragin ”

by Jerry M. Mendel

March 2011 (Revised January 2012)

This report reprints extensive e-mail dialogs between the author and Prof. Charles Ragin about fuzzy set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (fsQCA), organizing them by category and sub- category, so that others may also benefit from Prof. Ragin’s insights and wisdom about fsQCA. Doing this should make fsQCA more accessible than it presently is, especially to people who want to understand the inner inner-workings of fsQCA. The 2nd Edition of this report is due to a continuation of the e-mail dialogs between March 2011 and the end of December 2011. Revised or new items are printed in red.

To download the report in PDF format click here: USC-SIPI-411.pdf (0.6Mb)