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Former Ph. D. Students

  1. Hugh D. Washburn: March 1977, "Multistage Estimation and State Space Layered Media Models."
  2. Johnetta R. MacCalla: June 1978, "Simultaneous State and Parameter Estimation of Systems with Multiplicative Noise."
  3. Farrokh Habibi-Ashrafi: August 1978, "Estimation of Parameters in Lossless Layered Media Systems."
  4. Fereydoun Aminzadeh: June 1979, "Non-Normal Incidence State Space Model for Layered Media Systems." He was elected a Fellow of the IEEE in 1995.
  5. John Kormylo: October, 1979, "Maximum-Likelihood Seismic Deconvolution."
  6. Ja Sung Lee: November 1980, "Identification of Layered Media Systems."
  7. Mostafa Shiva: April 1982, "Geo-Optimal Deconvolution."
  8. Chong-Yung Chi: April 1983, "Single-Channel and Multichannel Deconvolution."
  9. A-Chuan Hsueh: August 1983, "State Variable Modeling and Recursive Processing of 1-D and 2-D Non-Causal Systems."
  10. Surendra Ganesh Lele: August 1985, "Minimum Variance Deconvolution for 1-D and 2-D Noncausal Systems with Colored Noise Input."
  11. Georgios B. Giannakis: July 1986, "Signal Processing via Higher-Order Statistics." He was elected a Fellow of the IEEE in 1997.
  12. John Ioannis Goutsias: August 1986, "Semi-Markov Random Field Models for Nonstationary Signal Processing."
  13. Ananthram Swami: October 1988, "System Identification Using Cumulants."
  14. David Long: January 1989, "Model-Based Estimation of Wind Fields Over the Oceans from Wind Scatterometer Measurements."
  15. Robert F. Popoli: August, 1989, "Objective and Subjective Knowledge in Estimation."
  16. Li-Xin Wang: May, 1992,"Analysis and Design of Fuzzy Systems." He received USC's Phi Kappa Phi's highest award as the Outstanding Ph. D. Graduate student in research in 1992.
  17. Mithat C. Dogan: September, 1993, "Cumulants and Array Processing."
  18. George Mouzouris: May 1996, "Non-Parametric Modeling of Nonlinear Processes Using a Fuzzy Set Theoretic Approach."
  19. Egemen Gonen: August 1996, "Cumulants and Subspace Techniques for Array Processing."
  20. Wen Wei: May 1998, "Classification of Digital Modulations Using Constellation Analysis."
  21. Nilesh N. Karnik: August 1998," Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems."
  22. Tsung-Hsien Liu: December 1998," Array Signal Processing Using Higher-Order and Fractional Lower-Order Statistics."
  23. Qilian Liang: May 2000, "Fading Channel Equalization and Video Traffic Classification Using Nonlinear Signal Processing Techniques."
  24. Hongwei Wu: May 2004, "Rule-Based Systems for Data Processing."
  25. Feilong Liu: May 2008, "Intelligent Signal Processing for Oilfield Waterflood Management."
  26. Dongrui Wu: May 2009, "Intelligent Systems for Decision Support."