EE 596, Wavelets, Fall 2003


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Grading will be based on a midterm (40%), several homeworks (20%), and a project (40%). The homeworks will include both computer assignments and solution of textbook problems. The computer assignments will be based on Matlab or C. We will provide pointers to existing software that can be used in these computer assignments.

DEN Access

This semester I will use the Blackboard system offered by DEN to post assignments and solutions, as well as grades. Please register with DEN and create your DEN profile as soon as possible by following the instructions on the DEN Webpage.


EE 483, Introduction to Digital Signal Processing, or equivalent course. Please note that the course will assume some knowledge of standard DSP concepts as well as of some basic linear algebra. If you took these two courses some time ago it would be a good idea to review some of the key material early in the semester.

Recommended preparation

MATH 599, Introduction to Wavelets, and EE 569, Introduction to Digital Image Processing. None of these courses is required.


  • Required

  • Recommended

    Some useful pointers

    Rough Outline

    Material covered (Note: based on the material covered in Fall'01, subject to change, it will be updated as we move along)


    Sample Project Topics (from Fall'01) - Organized by areas


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