The USC Andrew and Erna Viterbi School of Engineering USC Signal and Image Processing Institute USC Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering University of Southern California

Technical Report USC-SIPI-224

“Connection Between Continuous-Time and Discrete-Time Signal Extrapolation Problems in Wavelet Subspaces”

by Xiang-Gen Xia, C.-C. Jay Kuo, and Zhen Zhang

October 1992

Signal extrapolation in wavelet subspaces for both continuous-time and discrete-time signals was considered in our previous work, where an algorithm obtained from the generalization of the Papoulis-Gerchberg algorithm for band-limited signal extrapolation was proposed. The relationship between the continuous-time and discrete-time extrapolation problems is investigated in this paper. We provide sufficient conditions on signals and wavelet bases so that the discrete-time problem converges to the continuous-time problem when the sampling rate in a given interval goes to infinite.

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