Professor Bart Kosko, Ph.D., J.D.
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Noise-boosted Monte Carlo and Quantum Annealing: US Patent Number 11,276,009: Using Noise to Speed Convergence of Simulated Annealing and Markov Monte Carlo Estimations, issued 15 March 2022.
Noise-boosted Deep Convolutional Neural Networks: US Patent Number 11,256,982: Noise-enhanced convolutional neural networks,US Patent and Trademark Office, issued 22 February 2022.
Noise-boosted Expectation-Maximization Optimization: US Patent Number 9,390,065: Iterative Estimation of System Parameters Using Noise-like Perturbations, US Patent and Trademark Office, issued 12 July 2016.
Fuzzy Logic Spread Spectrum: US Patent Number 5,539,769: Adaptive Fuzzy Frequency Hopping System, US Patent and Trademark Office, issued 23 July 1996.